What is Nothin’ Shakin’?

Nothin’ Shakin’ is a new writing project designed to show my ability at working with different styles, and challenge me as an author. Most of the stories are between 500 and 1000 words, are written inside an hour, and cover everything from sci-fi and horror to romance and comedy.

The rules are simple; I whip out my phone, put my music on random, and the title of the first track that pops up will be the name of the story. The stories don’t follow the lyrics of the song, and aren’t influenced by the style of music, so I have free reign over everything.

The name comes from the very first song that popped up – Nothin’ Shakin’ But the Leaves on the Trees. I’m still planning to come up with something better, but it’ll do for now.

– Rowan

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