I Will Hunt Them Down Like Dogs

After a lifetime of drinking and fighting, rock star Scumbag Johnny is on the edge of destruction. During his darkest hour, he meets a man who offers him a lifeline – a trip to Samoa and a chance for a new start. Well, that was the plan anyway.

While Scumbag is looking for salvation, trouble is looking for Scumbag. It’s not long before he slips back into his old ways, culminating in a brutal street fight in downtown Apia. The battle sets off a series of events that deliver fear and hatred to the island, forcing Scumbag to fight his demons, old and new.

As he licks his wounds on the golden beaches of paradise, Scumbag meets Lanu, a beautiful woman with a troubled past. The connection between them is instant, but their happiness is fleeting. A moment of shocking violence changes their lives forever and sets them on a brutal path of revenge. As they rampage through the island, a volcano tears through paradise, but neither man nor nature can stop what has been put in motion.

Scumbag and Lanu embark on an epic quest for revenge that takes them to the furthest points of Samoa, hunting down their enemies while hot death rains down upon them. Their love blossoms in the most dangerous of places as they push themselves to the limit, falling for each other as the world falls apart.

With action, romance and heartbreaking revelations, I Will Hunt Them Down Like Dogs is a fast-paced thriller that’s sure to appeal to those who like taking a walk on the wild side… or at least enjoy reading about it.