Red, White & Bruce

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Award-winning journalist Bruce Barton has had a rough time of it lately – girls don’t want to know him, his workmates are a bunch of clowns and instead of breaking major stories he’s forced to dress as a baby for the front page of Australia’s worst tabloid. So when Aussie billionaire-turned-porn star Terrence Loogie turns up dead in Los Angeles, Bruce jumps at the chance to head over to cover the funeral.

With his best mate Pieman along to take photos, the beer-fuelled Aussies cause havoc on the beaches of San Diego, disgrace themselves in Tijuana and test their luck in the grimy backstreets of Las Vegas. Somehow, Bruce manages to find the time to investigate Loogie’s death, which looks more like a murder with every person he talks to.

While chasing the scoop of a lifetime, Bruce meets Amy, a beautiful porn star with a sarcastic sense of humour and a shocking secret – and wastes no time falling for her. But is she the perfect woman, or more trouble than a Korean car?

With sex, guns, drunken mischief and bucketloads of politically incorrect humour that’s as subtle as a T-Rex, Red, White and Bruce is a fast-paced and wild adventure that’s reminiscent of Robert G. Barrett’s legendary Les Norton series. From the warped imagination of long-time Picture magazine journalist Rowan C. Stewart it’s a hilarious journey through America that’s sure to have you smiling like a bloke with two willies.

Available now at Amazon