Drunk and Jobless

Rowan C. Stewart is the lunatic behind Drunk and Jobless, the cure for all those awful travel blogs about attractive twenty-something women discovering themselves and feeling blessed. You know the ones – floaty dresses, longing looks into the distance, Instagram filters, and bored boyfriends are only brought along to take 500 photos of the author holding a pineapple. Yeah, they’re good for a perv, but they don’t capture the magic and the ridiculousness of exploring foreign lands.

While Drunk and Jobless is about travelling, it’s not a travel guide. There are plenty of ‘proper’ travel blogs scattered around the net, and they have all the info you’ll ever need. This blog is a place for Rowan to share stories about his journeys, and to give you a sense of what it’s like to visit these incredible places. If you need the timetable for a train from Shanghai to New York, Google it. And then come back and laugh at another story about passing out under a tree.

Thrill to tales of climbing the most dangerous cliffs in South Africa! Be amazed by a frozen adventure through the mountains of Slovakia! Gasp in horror at a terrifying fight for survival in Tonga! It’s solo travelling at its finest!