The South Coast with the Most: Huskisson, Berry and Kiama

The Drunk and Jobless World Tour has taken me across the globe, from the bottomless lakes of Malawi to the frozen wastelands of Russia, but I’ve always avoided the South Coast of New South Wales. It’s a bloody awesome region with heaps to see and is just 150km from my house, but I hate driving through Sydney, so I’ve found other places to visit instead. That all changed when I needed somewhere to escape to after tiptoeing out of Chateaux du Granny, so I pointed the del Sol towards the coast and floored it.

After rolling through the outskirts of Nowra, with its charming mix of muffler shops and abandoned trolleys, I wound up in the seaside hamlet of Huskisson. Known for its azure waters, golden sand and emerald trees, “Husky” was a thousand shades of grey during my visit, but still lovely. It’s a hive of activity in summer, when Sydney’s glitterati rock up to take selfies and bash their wives, but in winter it’s quiet and peaceful, blanketed by the melancholy known to all slumbering resort towns.

To continue on this adventure, please head to The Drunk and Jobless World Tour. Have fun!

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